The majority of those trained under the programme secured jobs in the hospitality sector and many other fields, JRF Director General Ghaleb Qudah said at a graduation ceremony for a new batch that includes over 40 trainees.

The JRF, which is implementing a programme to train young people at five-star hotels as part of the Youth Career Initiative (YCI), said more than 200 young Jordanians have been trained under the programme since it began in 2007.

“The programme succeeded in changing the concept of how people view working in the hospitality sector. People used to underestimate jobs in this field, but now they are more encouraged to let their sons and daughters work in it,” said Qudah.

The programme plays an important role in creating jobs for youths and equipping them with the skills required in the labour market.

Abdullah Qudah, one of the graduates, thanked the organisers of the programme.

“I am confident now about working in this field. I failed in the Tawjihi [General Secondary Certificate Examination] and I think this programme gave me confidence that I can still find a job in the labour market,” he said.

The YCI entails intensive training over a six-month period, which includes English classes, ICT courses, workshops on interpersonal skills, and lessons in personal finance, personal health and well-being. Beneficiaries also receive on-site training in the Kingdom’s hotels.

The JRF has been running the initiative in cooperation with the International Business Leaders Forum for the past seven years.

To date, the YCI has implemented its programme in 11 countries across the world: Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Egypt, Ethiopia, Jordan, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Thailand and Vietnam.

The YCI is used as a tool to tackle or prevent issues such as youth unemployment, social exclusion, poverty and exploitation, according to the website.